5 Tips on How to Properly Set Up Your First Office

Starting up your own business is always an exciting thing. Still, don’t let your thrill get in the way of taking care of certain things that will ensure your workplace is set up in the right way. It is the place where you will spend a lot of your time, so you need to make sure that your office will be comfortable, useful and effective at the same time. Before starting up the business, follow these 5 rules on how to properly set up your office:

1. Do you really need a regular office? – You may be thinking that serious business needs a proper office, but actually, your “office” is wherever you feel most productive and at ease, whether it is your own room or your parents’ basement. Another reason for not looking for a big office is your initial budget, which probably won’t be huge at the beginning, so save the money for something more necessary. A regular office isn’t one of the essentials, while monthly bills to keep the company going will definitely be.

2. The right location – once your budget is enough for an appropriate workplace, there are few things to consider when choosing the location. First, make sure that your employees can get to work easily. Next, the location should be in the proximity of your (potential) clients, as well as diners. Regarding the proximity of your competitors, that’s another thing to think about – will it be good or bad for the business? Of course, pay attention to the possibilities of the office to widen up in the future, in case you decide to employ more workers. Once you’ve explored the various options storage Newcastle or your vicinity has to offer, transport all of the surplus supplies you can manage without on a daily basis.

3. Clever office design – if you want your employees to work efficiently, you need to make their workplace comfortable. They need to feel it’s their second home. Most of our work is done sitting, so don’t try to save up some money on cheaper chairs. Sitting on an uncomfortable chair is extremely frustrating, so give your workers the best you can afford. Also, good office lighting isn’t something to skimp on. Bad lightning decreases concentration and can cause sore eyes and fatigue. To put a tiny part of nature in a closed space, buy some plants that not only relax but also clean the air. Consider having a corner in the office that serves as a lounge where workers can chat and take a break and decorate it with wall art.

4. Come up with productive tricks – there is a time when to get down to business and when to take a break and relax. Most of the office leaders will tell you that constant 8-hours work doesn’t mean that workers will be more productive than the ones who have several short brakes during the working hours. Another thing you could introduce into your office is space for working out. People should be given the opportunity to let out some steam at work. There are also studies that show workers are more motivated to work and they come up with great ideas after a short workout in their workplace. The thing you could leave out is constant pop-ups and push notifications that only distract the workers and interrupt their concentration, without reporting anything really important.

5. Set up a good company culture – once you’ve settled in your office, the sooner you determine the appropriate company culture, the better for the working atmosphere and the business. If you let the things “go their own way’ at the very beginning of your business, you’ll soon find out that the saying “it’s the way we do things around here” doesn’t really work out really great. And it will be too late to change things then. It’s better to be clear and precise from the start. Even the small things, such as if there will be tea and coffee at the office or how to welcome new colleagues, will make your workers feel safe and comfortable, which leads to overall productivity of the office.

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