6 Tips To Achieve Optimal Gaming Performance From Your Router

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If you’re an avid gamer the one thing that will annoy you is the system slowing down or lagging while you’re in between the ultimate gaming experience is one of the most frustrating scenarios. If you want to make sure you never have to come across something like this then it’s really important to pump up your router settings so that you get the best gaming experience and you are able to ace your game each time you play it. If you’re looking for some amazing tips on to get the optimal settings for your router then please go to connectioncafe.com for some of the best things to do. You can also try out some of these settings if you want to get the best out of your router.

Wireless Repeater

There are a number of tools that come in handy if you are looking to stretch your wireless signal. The wireless repeater is one such device. You can use a wireless repeater half way between your router and your intended destination and this will help strengthen your wireless signal. Once the wireless repeater is in place you will see an improved performance in terms of ping times and no lag.

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Upgrade The Antennas

There are various things that you can do in order to boost the performance of the router, but one of the most essential things that you need to do is to boost the antennas. You can wither get a device that stays upright with a holder, or you can use one that has antennas. If the device has antennas make sure they are always upright so you get the best performance out of the router.

Make Sure Your Router Is In A Central Location

While there are a number of different things that you can try in order to boost the performance of your router, one of the most essential factors is the location of the router. A lot of people end up placing the router in one corner of the house and then hoping that it will work well in the opposite end of the house. In order for your router to perform well all over the house or office you need to make sure it is positioned well.

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The best way to make sure you get good internet connection all over the house is to place the router in a central location. Select a spot that could be considered as the centre of your home and place the router there. This will enhance the performance of the router and ensure that you get good internet speed no matter where you are.


There are a number of things that can come in the way of your wireless connectivity. Doors, walls, radiation from other devices, metal objects that are hanging from the walls or just about anything. You can also receive a lot of disturbance from cordless phones, Bluetooth headsets as well as microwaves. If possible you need to move all the distractions away. You can even more your router as close to your laptop or computer if that is possible for you. In case of multiple devices being connected to the router, you will have to ensure that you go ahead and place the router in a more centralized place away from all distraction.


Avoid Overcrowding

It’s common to hand over your Wifi password when people come over and these people often forget to disconnect their devices. You should also make sure that when you invest in a router, you know how many devices it is capable of handling. If you have many devices that you need to connect over Wifi, make sure you invest in a router that is strong enough to handle those devices. Disconnect any devices that are not in use and keep restarting or refreshing your router at regular intervals to boost performance.


If you are using your computer to connect to your router then you would be using an antenna. You will have to make sure that the antenna is located as close to the router as possible. If you place the antenna behind the CPU, then connectivity through all the metal will be very slow.