Mobile Games: Errors You Should Avoid Being Android Developer


Becoming a game developer for mobile devices may be one of the most lucrative jobs in this technological era. Especially if we talk about Android developer and the market share that encompasses, it is undoubtedly an extremely juicy sector. But unfortunately for every millionaire application, there are thousands of people who will never earn a penny.

Getting monetize an application in the App Store is mainly for micro payments of users. Apple device users are more predisposed to paying for apps and content. However as an Android developer, you should keep in mind that the Android user mentality does not work the same way. Monetizing a game for iOS will not be the same for Android. For the Google operating system, it is more common to use advertising or in-app purchases. So to succeed in this highly saturated industry, you need to break with the past and find an effective way to reach our goal. In the world of apps, either fits or dies.

Do you know what the mistakes you should avoid at all costs are? Certainly, some are nothing new to you, but we want to group them just to remember. Let’s start?


1. Download

If we talk especially about Android, but more and more also applies to iOS, charging to download an application can be a big mistake. It may be that being an app and web design company you are thinking that if you put a download price to USD 0.99 for your application and if you get 5,000 downloads, you will have revenues of approximately USD 5,000, right? Well, it’s actually not that simple. Even if your application or Android game is very good, experience tells us that users are not so willing to pay just to download a game unless they have a good reason to do so. Instead of using this option we suggest the freemium model, which consists of free download and subsequent collections within the app (in-app purchase or a premium subscription).

2. Have no business model as Android developer

Exactly, the development of mobile games should be as part of the overall strategic plan, as the app marketing plan we are going to apply. It’s no use creating a brilliant app or game and uploading it to app stores, hoping it will reach the top 10 alone. No matter how good your idea is, you have to put into practice a multi-step marketing strategy:

  • Get downloads and users
  • Promote your project on social media and digital media
  • Promote your game by other means

3. Do not adjust the differences between platforms

Starting with the very development of mobile games themselves, to the design and marketing of the app, it’s not the same if you look at the aesthetic Android or iOS. The advantage we have is that Android is an open source language because we find much more material on development. Similarly, being the dominant operating system has more options to place ads, more possibilities to explore.

Also, as an Android developer you should know that each store has its terms and conditions that we must comply with. This will directly affect your marketing plan and your way of monetizing the game.

4. Invasive advertising in mobile games

In the development of Android mobile games the choice of monetization through advertising within the application is the best choice. If you have a game that holds the attention of the user, it is very smart if the Android developer, monetize all those eyes that look at your screen for hours. Although there are several things to keep in mind. Attentive!

Never, ever, let advertising interfere with role-play. There is nothing more annoying to a player who has to stop the game to remove a banner or pop-up advertisement. There are other full-screen examples, which is not as invasive as for example Angry Birds or Mr. Jump, showing only the inter-level advertising never while you’re playing.

Your challenge as an Android developer is to gain user loyalty while monetizing the app without interfering with the game.

5. Failing to live up to expectations

All apps have a store space that should include a description of their content. In it you can write about your game and how it works. But you should always be realistic and do not create false expectations to get downloads easily.

This way you will only get bad reviews and lower your game scores in stores, negatively affecting your ASO and positioning in apps stores. To be honest with your game, it is better to be under promise and over deliver, that is, to promise the basics and then positively surprise the user with your game.


6. Do not take advantage of the analytical

Although as an Android developer may have no idea about metrics, you should really get your hands on to work and learn some things. This is one of the most serious mistakes because it is essential to know what is happening with your game to improve it. Take advantage of the analytics, which will tell you what the failures are and how you can improve your product and get better performance.

Are you making any of these mistakes? We have good news for you: it’s still on time, and it has a solution. But you got to get your hands on the job. We all made mistakes on this list, what was yours?

Author Bio:

Sarah Feldman has years of experience in the digital marketing sectors and content writing. She has worked for several companies of Europe, America, UK, and Middle East. She is currently working as Blogger and Digital Marketing Expert in a web design company in Dubai named as Digital Express.


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