Top Mobile App Marketing Trends To Escalate Your Business Growth

Top Mobile App Marketing Trends

This top-notch competitive world demands utter marketing tactics if you want your business to succeed for long. In this mobile-first era, apps act as a vital element for the consumers. They are a good way of showcasing your brand to your customers in a different way where you can win the competition.

Another side of the coin is mobile app marketing which certainly comes into demand because of the increasing use of mobile apps. Several mobile app marketing trends are in popularity in the digital marketplace that can boost your sales, revenues and conversions at a pretty good extent.

No business wants to lose its essence and this is the reason site owners majorly focus on the ways to improve themselves progressively in terms of building an engaging app plus following rigorous mobile app marketing tactics that can pump their sales.

Top Mobile App Marketing Trends

Let’s look at few important tactics that are leading the web design realm-


It is an important marketing strategy that focuses majorly on telling the end-users about your app. Its overall gist says that you need to think of the other ideas as well to target your audiences along with personalized methods. This entirely summarizes to ensure that the visitors will onboard well to your app. During the course of onboarding, you must utilize the personal information of the users in smart way with a motto to render them a personalized experience.


If you know the location of the user, it is easy to send the relevant information pertaining to the products and services for a specific place. In-app and push notifications come under the same head where each user is provided with the information of their relevancy.

Potential Media

A winning marketing tactic involves the use of all the elements of the potential media with an intent to target your audiences. Deeply scrutinize all the activities of the users to note down with which social media and wearable device they are connected. Leveraging all the possible advantages from the related social media help strengthen their marketing efforts.

AR & VR Technology

AR technology is crucial to enhance the performance of your product offerings. This comes into trend after the release of Pokemon Go in the market. It is actually a good source of advertising, marketing and gaming. Its huge demand lies in a unique mix of digital information with the real-time user’s environment plus rendering the 3D images and digital content.

User engagement

There are so many factors related to the use of an app by a visitor in a convenient manner. He looks for fast download, easy installation and improved UX. There is a great possibility that the users will find the similar apps of your niche and unfortunately migrate to them leaving you in loss.

Another important scenario is to check if there is any variation in the number of users who have installed the app to those who are currently using it, and for how long. This reduces in few weeks or months as they did not find it worth to save it in their phone, or, they have found something better than yours that compels them to uninstall your app. The moral of the discussion is to keep an eagle eye on both retention and engagement level and reasons.

Prognostic Analytics

Prognostic analytics makes it vital to embed user engagement through the right message at the correct time. The ultimate motto is to retain the users and this technique makes it necessary to comprehend the factors that can impact the user behavior. It is also imperative to launch any attractive offer to earn specific points with a special discount. Likewise, keep track of the user’s actions to know that they want.


With the evolution of this hi-tech arena, users are more protective for their data saved in their phones. It includes all the confidential information like your debit card details and hence it becomes mandatory to follow utter safety rules. Sensing the same, your mobile app must be prepared while keeping the security at par. Any negligence with the personal data can act harmful and people can probably delete the app from their mobiles leaving all your efforts wasted.

AI Technologies

Studies have proven AI to be the future of mobile app marketing as it covers all the aspects of personalization and UX. A good example here is to look customized assortment of items in a shop app presented by AI. Voice suggestion for in-app navigation is a similar concept.


A business always needs something unique so that visitors find something captivating on regular basis. Else, they will feel monotonous and forget you eventually. Mobile app marketing is a necessary concept in this web world and the above list is a small effort to take you to the top.

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