Travel recommendations around Nagpur

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Also known as the ‘Orange city’ of India, Nagpur is the third largest city of Maharashtra. It produces the juiciest varieties of oranges that are exported in bulk. It has rich cultural heritage and famous for its temples, lush green gardens and serene lakes. Nagpur also has lot of weekend getaways around it which provides a quick break to the residents from the monotonous life. Take a car on rent in Nagpur and have a fun filled trip. We have collated the best places to visit near Nagpur for a rejuvenating vacation.

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Akola: It is a historical city that showcases a wonderful blend of Hindu, Muslim and British culture. It houses important historical sites like the Narnala Fort, Akola Fort and the Balapur Fort. The Akola Fort is the most famous attraction of the city. You will find many ancient inscriptions that makes this place mystical and interesting. A very old Shiva temple is situated in the premises of the fort. Narnala fort is located on the top of the hill and is also considered as an example of brilliant ancient Indian architecture.

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Chandrapur: Situated on the banks of the Irai River, Chandrapur is an ancient city that lures a large number of tourists from all over India due to its closeness to the Wildlife Parks and its many beautiful temples. It is also known as the ‘City of Black Gold’ due to the presence of numerous coal mines. Chnadrapur is famous for its tribal culture and the Adivasi, Gondal and Keertam dance forms which are world renowned. For booking affordable and trustworthy Nagpur to Chandrapur cabs, visit

Wardha: It is a culturally important town famous for its art and architecture The city is visited by large number of pilgrims for its ancient temples. Mahatma Gandhi made it an important centre during India’s struggle for Independence. Some of the important religious places in the city are Bajajwadi, Ram Temple, Paramdham Ashram, Vishnu Temple, Geetai Mandir and Laxmi Narayana Temple. The flourishing town of Wardha was ruled by several dynasties like Chalukyas, Mauryas, Rajputs, Vakatakas and Sungas.

Kanha: It is visited by large number of enthusiasts every year for Kanha National Park. Kanha is surrounded by Helon and Banjar rivers that make the whole region quite wonderful. It is a designated Tiger reserve and it is the only place in India where you can spot hard ground Barasingha, a beautiful species of deer. Besides the Kanha National Park, there are other tourist attractions like the Mandla Fort, Phen Wildlife Sanctuary and Ramnagar Fort.

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Amravati: Known as the abode of Lord Indra, Amravati is a very popular town among tourists for its beautiful temples and pilgrim centres. Legend says that Lord Krishna used a tunnel from Ambadevi Temple in Amravati to elope with Rukmini from her marriage ceremony. The tunnel is believed to exist even at present time. Amravati has many beautiful temples of Lord Krishna, Goddess Amba and Shri Venkateshwara. Amravati is fast emerging as an industrial hub with cotton mills being the most important industry. The best way to travel from Nagpur is by hiring Nagpur to Amravati taxi as it is safe, convenient and pocket friendly.