6 Best Graphic Design Podcasts

The first doubt that comes to people’s mind is “A show on graphic design without any visual medium. What use would it be?” But, that’s the beauty of podcast. People only get to hear voice of a person who shares his/her experience, design trends, etc. One can entirely focus on the voice and there is nothing else to distract them.

Moreover, in the designing world everything changes very fast. What might have been in trend yesterday might be a thing of past in today’s world. In such scenario, podcast are an important way for designers to remain updated on the latest happenings and trends in graphic design industry. Not only this, podcast are a great method of inspiration for designers as well as to help them know about the life in designing industry. So, what are the podcasts that are being most heard by designers? Let’s take a look-

  1. Design Matters- The inspiration for Debbie Millman behind starting this show was to talk to her design heroes. Conducting interviews from her office on her telephone and then distributing it for free on iTune is how Debbie began her podcast.

    From the humble beginning, Design matter went on to become one of the anchor shows on Design Observer’s media channel and has numerous award under it’s belt. Be sure to listen from visionaries from various field of work like filmmakers, graphics designer, artist, etc. The show has seen eminent personalities like Steven Heller, Chris Ware, Michael Rock, etc. One of the best feature of Design Matter is that, one can easily filter the podcast by discipline, depending on their mood and interest.

  2. 99% Invisible- The host of the podcast Roman does not have architecture or design degree and yet the grasp he has on the subject is just amazing. 150+ million download on iTune is a proof of the popularity of this show.

    The name ‘99% invisible’ signifies that the podcast highlights about the 99% thing in design that people usually don’t see or pay attention too. The best thing about the show is that Roman chooses an unconventional topics, starts about it from the beginning and then goes in-depth to cover every aspect of the topic.

  3. Boagworld- A show that runs every thursday and is hosted by Paul Boag and Marcus Lillington. An hour-long show rather than the usual trend of having a 30 minute podcast. The podcast covers a range of topics from designing to development to blogging, thus making sure that there is something for everyone in their podcast.

    In the podcast the host invites guests, who are master of their craft, to talk in depth on a topic. Though a bit longer than other show, one won’t know how the time passes as the show is filled with jokes and interesting topics.

  4. The NTMY Show- Nice to Meet You(NTMY) is a podcast run from New York city by a german designer Tobias van Schneider. As written on his website the show is “a personal conversation-based podcast with makers, builders and no bullshitters.” The show has played host to the likes of Piera Gelardi of Refinery29, Brian Collins, Malika Favre and many other eminent personalities.
  5. Design Detail- Design Detail is hosted by Bryn Jackson and Brian Lovin. The concept of this show is to have an open chat with a designer guest. The topic of the discussion ranges from the designer works, side projects, design trends, etc. So, not only one gets to know about design but also gets to know about famous designers, what they can expect out of a career in design, etc. The podcast was started in 2015 and has more than 60,000 weekly download.
  6. Adventures in Design- Adventure in Design as mentioned on the website is “A DAILY TALK SHOW FOR CREATIVES JUST LIKE YOU,EXPLORING HOW OTHERS DESIGN HAPPINESS INTO THEIR PROFESSIONAL LIVES.” The show hosted by Mark Brickey does not always stick to the topic, but remains open to exploring creativity, professional lives of designers, etc. The show already has more than 400 podcasts.

These are some of the most heard graphic design podcasts that are being heard by people across the world. Have we missed out on any important podcast? Please comment below and we would add it in the post.