Create a torn paper in Photoshop

Photoshop Tutorial

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a torn paper. The result can be used as an icon or you can use it as a background in your newsletters. Brush effects and clipping mask commonly used in this tutorial.

How to create a torn paper in Photoshop

Tutorial Details

  • Program: Adobe Photoshop
  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Estimated Completion Time: 30 minutes

Step 1

Create a new document with 600 pixels by 600 pixels.  Since the torn paper will be white, set a background color that makes it visible as it’s created. Create a new Layer, use the Rectangular Marquee tool with fixed size 400 x 500 pixels and fill it with white.

Paper Tutorial

Step 2

Use Elliptical and Rectangular tools to create the holes at the top of the paper.

Paper Tutorial

Step 3

Add a Layer Mask to the Paper layer. Now use the Chalk Brush 11 pixels to paint away tear marks between the holes.

Paper Tutorial

Step 4

Create a new Layer. Use the Single Row Marquee Tool and the Single Column Marquee Tool to create the lines across the paper and fill them with blue color.

Paper Tutorial

Step 5

Select the first layer from the Layers Palette, Ctrl+Click the Layer Mask and Apply Layer Mask from the Layer Menu. Duplicate this Layer and put it below the first Layer. This Layer will be used as a Shadow. Now hide this layer by clicking eye icon. Free Transform Tool in Warp Mode will let us to drag the corners of the paper inward to create a real paper effect.

Paper Tutorial

Step 6

Select the Shadow Layer and make it visible. Invert the colors to black by pressing Ctrl+I. Apply a Gaussian Blur from Filter > Blur Menu. Make Radius Pixels 3. Then Transform this layer also as we did in the previous Step.

Photoshop Tutorial

Step 7

Create a new layer above the first layer and make a clipping mask. Then draw a black to transparent linear gradient from the down left corner at an angle into the document to create a shadow. Set this layer’s opacity to 10%.

Photoshop Tutorial

Step 8

Add some text.

Photoshop Tutorial

Download the result.

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Torn Paper Tutorial

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