How to Create a Wedding Website That Wows Your Guests


For most people, a wedding is an occasion they want to have once in a lifetime. The only thing that comes close to it is a wedding anniversary. Because it is a celebration of love that the couple wants to share with all friends and relatives, giving it the best is the only option. One of the easiest ways to keep your loved ones updated is through a wedding website. What is more is that you can get a free wedding website or a paid option if you contact a reliable vendor. So, how do you go about creating a website that wows your guests? Below are various insights to help you in doing so.

Have Your Story

Probably, every person wants to read the story of where the two of you met and the milestones you have made in your love. It is obvious that the wedding ahead is the climax of well cultivated and blossomed love. However, there was a journey that you would like to share in brief about your love to date.

Include an Electronic Invite

Today, people are moving away from the RSVP enveloped invitation cards to the electronic options. They can be sent through email, MMS, or any social media platforms. However, not all people have accepted this as an official invite, and therefore, it can go to your friends and youthful relatives who have embraced the technology fully.

Indicate the Wedding Venue and Directions

All weddings websites must include the venue and the directions. It can be disappointing if most or all guests have to call and ask for directions. In fact, the best option is to include a map that can be synced from any place the guests will be coming from. A mobile phone friendly website will be a plus as the guests can use it while on the go.

Include a Gift Registry

According to an experienced wedding planner, most wedding websites already have a wedding gift registry template to emphasize how crucial this is. It is a way to guide your guests in making it easy to choose a gift for you. So, make sure you have authorized sellers, and tag them on your website as you wait on the guests to complete the rest of the process.

Have a Comments Section

Whether during or after the wedding, it is crucial to get feedback from the guests. It sets the pace for the big wedding day and is most important if people who know you can share a memory. However, any positive comment will encourage the two of you to soldier on with the wedding plans.

Upload Photos and Videos of Your Wedding

It does not all end on the wedding day. You can share photos and videos of your wedding soon after the honeymoon. If it is not too much trouble, you can also share something small about your honeymoon by sharing a photo or two. After all, it is over and deserves a good memory for all to celebrate.

With the above tips, you can rest assured that your wedding website will be the best. All these and more will definitely wow your guests.


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