The Game Of Web Design Trends: Which One Will Rule Them All?


Today, there are dozens of new web design trends that are trying to take over the top. Much like many families are contesting the Iron Throne, new web design trends are competing for user’s attention. Just like Starks, Lannisters, and Targaryens are piling up to wage a war over Westeros, three main web design trends have emerged as main contenders in the world of web design – Minimalism, Brutalism, and UX Writing. This guide will try to highlight some of the pros and cons of each of these trends, as well as pronounce a clear winner. The thrones are never built for two, after all.

Minimalism – Less is More

Minimalist websites are built on the idea that reduction of web design elements can create a beautifully simple tune. Essentially, minimalism is all about breaking things down (not in the same way that Joffrey breaks things, that spoiled brat!) to the bare minimum required for full functionality of a certain website. Stripping the website down to its minimum isn’t easy, though, and many web designers struggle to achieve the perfection that this style can offer.


With so few elements embedded in a website, every detail becomes increasingly more important and noticeable, which is exactly where minimalism strives. It becomes extremely important to choose the right color palette because it’s going have the biggest impact on your website’s looks – whether it’s modern, reserved, or clean.

Brutalism – The Attractive Ugliness

A complete opposite to minimalism, Brutalism web design is all about making websites over-complicated. User Experience is nowhere to be found when it comes to this wild design, as web designers who employ it focus more on collages of images and texts, with vivid colors that are completely in your face. Extremely strange combinations of colors are also a big part of brutalism. Think of Robert Baratheon and Cersei as husband and wife. Yep, that’s right, so go on and put the blue color next to the pink one and you’ll be right on track.


Be prepared for your website to be called ugly, though, as that’s the only way you’re going to know you’ve succeeded. The bad thing about brutalism is that some web designers use it without ever thinking about their target audience. You can’t be selling cars with brutalism web design, don’t even try it, any freelance web designer Australia has to offer will tell you that.

UX Writing – Content Comes First

In the past, web designers treated textual content as secondary, or non-relevant. Visual elements were always the priority since they are the ones that trigger emotions on a subconscious level. However, in the recent years quality content has become increasingly more important when it comes to the online world, which opened the door for a new type of web design, based on words – UX writing. The most used elements of this trend are websites with a lot of help documentation, manuals, and user guides.

Think about it, it’s the words that are specifically designed to target a customer, especially when it comes to major brands. Just like you can be sure about Lannisters always paying their debts – be assured that UX writing web design is here to stay.

Which Trend Gets the Throne?

While all of the three mentioned web design trends are extremely popular right now, it’s fair to say that Brutalism has made the biggest boom when it first appeared. Its raw power took people by surprise and it still works very well. If minimalism is a tune, brutalism is a symphony of chaos – and it’s catching people completely by surprise. But who knows what’s going to land on shores of Westeros tomorrow and threaten the throne? Eh, if only it were tomorrow…


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