6 Best Sketch Resources to Streamline and Speed Up Your Workflow

As a web designer, you’ll most likely be using the Adobe Photoshop software for creating mockups for the web as well as mobile designs. After all, Photoshop is the most commonly used tool for web designers that comes bundled with great features, empowering designers to come up with stunning web designs. However, with the arrival of the Sketch app, Photoshop’s supremacy has finally been challenged.

Sketch app is an OS X design program that was created by Bohemian Coding to provide designers will all the required tools that are essential for performing the design work with precision. In fact, the third version of the Sketch app referred to as “Sketch 3” has been recently released with several new enhancements, including a revamped interface, layer filtering, new icons and much more.

So, if you want to break out of the Adobe Photoshop’s ecosystem and would like to try something that provides more flexibility in working on UI and web designs, then the Sketch 3 app is worth a try. In this post, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best Sketch resources that will guide you into becoming a master in using the Sketch app. Also, the resources will help speed up and optimize your Sketch workflow.

 Sketch App Sources

Sketch App Sources is a wide collection of free and premium resources for designers, so as to help make their workflow simple and fun using the Sketch3 app. Some of the resources that the Sketch App Source comprises of includes templates, UI kits, apps and a lot more.

Apart from providing all such resources, the Sketch App Sources also offer plenty of other sources to work effectively with the Sketch app, such as tips, tools, tutorials, and plugins to name a few.

Sketch Shortcuts

Most of the designers often look for keyboard shortcuts to speed up their workflow. The same is true in the case of the Sketch app as well. Simply put, Sketch comes with built-in shortcuts that can accelerate your design workflow. For example, you can zoom-in your app using a simple keyboard shortcut “Cmd(+)+”.

You can find all the keyboard shortcuts from Sketch Shortcuts website. This site includes keyboard shortcuts for the Sketch app for Canvas View, Type, Insert, Window, Artboards and more. What’s more? You can even create your set of custom shortcuts using the Keyboard added in your System Preferences.

Awesome Sketch Plugins

Awesome Sketch Plugins is a collection of all the hosted Sketch Plugins at Github. This resource contains 35+ plugins that help use the capability of the Sketch3 app in the best possible manner. Some of the popular plugins included in the list of Awesome Sketch Plugins are Content Generator, Sharpen Images, AEIconizer, Clear Styles and many more.

The best part is that the list of plugins gets updated frequently. Moreover, you can also choose to submit your created Sketch plugins. Using the Sketch plugins, you can make your Sketch workflow easy and fast.


No matter whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned designer, you’ll possibly want to know about some tips and tricks concerning simplifying your Sketch workflow and so forth. This is where Sketchtips website comes to your rescue. It serves as a useful resource that provides with tens of hundreds of great tips to help you overcome any issue you’re facing when working on the Sketch app.

Sketchtips roll out at least three tips every week, so as to help you become a master at using the Sketch app. The site offers useful tips, including coping up with Sketch design challenge, Sketch template creation, layer selection, etc.


This is another excellent Sketch resource that provides a catalog of free resources that helps simplify and expedite Sketch workflow. The catalog comprises of PSD, icons, mockups, app designs, UI kits, and more. It is, basically, a blog that offers plenty of hand-picked resources for designers in the form of PSD and code stuff.

Using this resource, you can find ideas to get inspired for creating your great Sketch design.

Sketchapp TV

If you don’t have the patience to flip through technical books to learn how you can work with Sketch 3, and instead are interested in using an interactive way to gain insight on the Sketch app, then Sketchapp TV is worth considering. The site provides a huge collection of video tutorials to help designers master the Sketch 3 app.

This site keeps on adding a new video tutorial on Sketch once every week. And thus, the Sketchapp TV resource will help you keep up-to-date with things you can do using the Sketch app and much more. Also, this website provides several free Sketch resources, containing over 300 freebies in the form of UI kit and so on.


Hope that our list of free Sketch app resources will help you accelerate your project work and make it as seamless as possible. You will find various resources in the post, which includes tips, tutorials, and freebies – that will help designers streamline their workflow using the Sketch 3 app.

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