Top 5 Crowdfunding WordPress Themes

When you are looking for a way to fund your next big project, a charity cause or an invention idea, Crowdfunding is your best option. This increasingly popular method helps you reach out to a large number of people while making gathering funds easy and convenient. Today, you can use WordPress, a free and popular…

Cloud Icons

Web Hosting Made Simple

If you’re not a technical, web-savvy kind of person, you might not have heard about the concept of web hosting. Or you may have heard the term but don’t actually understand what a web host is. Let me tell you, you really are not alone here; web hosting is the one bit about setting up…

Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends of 2016

The year 2016 is coming to an end and digital marketers are already assessing how current trends can propel their businesses into success to the next year. Some of the trends mentioned above are similar to the year before but they have had a significant upgrade this year. The rest are new and are making…

Domain Names Sold for Big Money in the Past

Part of operating a successful business is owning a domain name that works with the products you sell. When you click on a URL like Nike or Coca-Cola, you expect to view sites owned by the company of the same name. Some online businesses fail simply because the owners chose names that were too complicated, too long or featured too many numbers and letters. A simple name or a catchy name that shoppers will remember is usually best. When you buy a domain name, consider your purchase as an investment. You never know when a company might offer you big bucks to take ownership of that site. Just check out some of the domain names that sold for big money in the past.

Proven Tips To Develop The Best UX Portfolio

If you are a visual designer, interaction designer, UX designer or some design researcher, you need an impressive portfolio to stay ahead of your peers and competitors. In today’s competitive world, you have no scope for exhibiting your experience or skills in any informal way. And we all have heard that common phrase that your experience matters far more than degrees, so if you have professionally placed your experience in a portfolio then definitely you are on lead from those who haven’t.