Bootstrap Building Engine For WordPress


We use wordpress for creating simple blogs but for creating more highend projects rather than simple blogs. WordPress does not contain advanced features. So latest plugins and themes like Page builder plugins and special Bootstrap building engine can help for doing more with wordpress.

What is BEE?

BEE is a wordpress theme for creating super productive in building original, responsive web pages. which gives you customization options through page builder. It is a simple design pattern which loads fast and is liked by search engines. It is width template that has a control over live editing interface. You can design a page and edit its elements at ease and pages can be designed in your style.

Why is BEE?

BEE is a extraordinary theme that provides you lot of customization options which helps you to design a website in your own way and also each element can be styled according your own and required way. There is no need of installing too many plugins for creating an attractive site. BEE as feature to edit content , images, labeling from front end without search for back end process.

Major Features of BEE

  • BEE depends on Bootstrap and It is most popular HTML, CSS and Javascript framework for developing user and mobile friendly projects on web.
  • BEE is a simple wordpress theme and It is easy to use like normal theme and beginner friendly theme for creating sites.
  • Some page builders are more loaded which make website slow. So BEE is light weight , agile and works without any plugin also.
  • Using BEE editing and modifications can be done from front end without depending on back end process.
  • HTML editing history can be saved by using BEE which helps you to go back for deleting unwanted steps.


What is the price for BEE to use?

Anyone can downloaded BEE. It is completely free and can use in their projects. There is no limitation for building number websites or projects on BEE. This is free theme, BEE is complete product .It is not basic version for building projects.


All around, BBE for wordpress to be a exact platform for making a simple and powerful wordpress theme that used to build HTML and Bootstrap based sites in wordpress. BEE gives you complete control on each and every page element. There an option to regenerate HTML code and edit it. Thus, BEE is a open environment and latest method for website creation.

Author Bio :

Reegan is a renowned WordPress developer who is passionate about WordPress and Open CMS. Where he loves to convert PSD to WordPress site, loves to write about WordPress-related topics and also love to curate WordPress Resources. You can hire WordPress Developer as him for your Website.