How to Delete Junk Files from Your Mac with Movavi Mac Cleaner

Mac computer needs to be maintained regularly by cleaning up all the junk files that you no longer need. You might be wondering how do these junk files end up on your computer. Junk files refers to caches and log files that will automatically save on your computer when you are using programs or surfing sites with the browsers. These junk files will slow down your computer performance and cause your programs to stuck intermittently as you are trying to finish your work. If you want to use your Mac to do your work efficiently, you will need to get a Mac cleaner software like Movavi Mac Cleaner to get rid of the junk files. The user friendly interface on Movavi Mac Cleaner allows you to easily learn how to clean junk files on Mac .

You can download Movavi Mac Cleaner by clicking the download now button at the Movavi download page. When the file is downloaded, make sure you click on it and go through the entire setup process to install the program on your computer. Everytime you launch Movavi Mac Cleaner, it will attempt to scan your computer before allowing you to access the navigation menu to the left. When it finished scanning, it will let you know whether your Mac system is clogged with junk files that requires you to take immediate action.

Clicking the start cleaning button will wipe out all the files it detect as junk files. You probably only want certain junk files to be deleted and not the entire collection of files it detects as junk files. On the left, you can see different types of junk files with the amount of space it occupies. The system cleanup tab will perform a basic cleanup of the caches and log files. The trash cleanup will empty all the trash cans including the computer recycle bin, iPhoto, and other external drives that are connected to the computer.

The large and old files shows files and folders that you have forgotten and not access for a long time. You can visit this tab to see if there is any large file you don’t need and delete it to get back some of the spaces on the hard disk. The Uninstaller is where you can uninstall apps that you don’t need on your Mac computer. System apps that cannot be uninstalled on Mac due to error message can now be uninstalled through the Uninstaller tab.

The leftovers are files that are not removed due to improper uninstallation of the apps. For example, if you delete an app without running the uninstallation exe, it will have some leftover files on the computer. You can go to the leftovers section and delete all the files by clicking the start cleaning button at the bottom. Uninstalling user apps one by one can be time consuming.

In the user apps tab, you can select multiple user apps and click the Start Cleaning button to remove them from the computer in a few seconds. Besides, Movavi Mac Cleaner can also help you to detect and delete duplicate files scattered in different folders. You can go to the duplicate files tab to see if there is any duplicate files created on your computer. To delete the duplicate files, you simply check the check box next to it and click the Move to Trash button.