Refocus to Attract Your Target Audience

One effective way to add a jolt to your website and reach more potential consumers is to give your website a makeover. Adding new features and content can re-energize not only your website and viewer traffic, but your brand as well, giving it a fresh look and new focus.

Dynamic Mouse-Overs

A unique way to tuck more content onto your website without cluttering it up is the use of mouse-overs, which are basically graphic-control features that activate when the user moves or hovers the pointer icon over the targeted area. These pop-up graphics can be embedded into your website using JavaScript or through a website builder, which may be easier as it gives you step-by-step instructions for how to do it.

Mouse-overs are good if your business has multiple products to display, such as clothing. One point of caution if you consider implementing mouse-overs is the download speed of your website. If mouse-overs cause more lag, it may be a good idea to stay away from mouse-overs or talk to an web design expert to figure out the problem.

Testimonials & Consumer Reviews

Adding testimonials works two-fold — it promotes more interaction between business and customer and builds more trust among new potential consumers. In fact 20 to 50 percent of all purchase decisions are made from consumers viewing testimonials or getting information from word-of-mouth. The easiest way to get to know what potential customers want and how to get their attention is to have other satisfied customers tell them.

Customers tend to trust other people like themselves more than a business trying to hard-sell them a product. As a business, try breaking those barrier walls of trust. Testimonials offer a unique way to sell your product by having your customers work for you on earning the trust of other customers. LifeLock is one good example a business website that uses testimonials effectively, providing new testimonials on a regular basis, keeping the effect fresh and inviting enough for visitors to return.


One of the best content marketing strategies a business can use to boost website traffic is blogging. Some experts like to use the word “blog” as an acronym to “Better Listings On Google” as they can build a website’s SEO impact. By blogging, your business also stands out from the competition by connecting to consumers (and media) on a more personable basis. Your blogs can become a source of good business information that can directly or indirectly relate to your products.

The importance of blogging is posting them on a consistent basis. It’s a delicate balance of avoiding blogging too much or too little. Too much blogging will saturate your brand to the point of annoyance to your consumers. Not blogging enough will render your website and content marketing obsolete. Plan how much time you can devote to writing a blog and then figure out a schedule a number of blogs to post each week.

White Space & Graphics Balance

One quick way to kill a website refresh or redesign is adding too many graphics. Improving your website can sometimes simply mean removing a few things to let your website “breathe.” Websites like, a website that promotes and reviews video games, uses white space effectively to where the graphics and content it does use pop out as the main feature of the page. It also provides a clean look to the website.

Much like a minimalist would approach things, examine your website and see if there is anything on it that can be considered excessive or if your graphics — or even your fonts — look too busy. A clean, structured look can strengthen the main features of your website, including the fonts you use, photos or graphics that showcase your business and products.