Top 7 Apps for Your Next Business Trip

Business trips can become hectic, disruptive, and very stressful. With this in mind, developers have come up with some apps to help make the hassles easier. Regardless of where you find yourself, they can provide some useful help and guidance in many situations. Here are seven apps you should consider downloading before you head on…

iOS 9 Gives New Opportunities For Users As Well As Developers

Remember the long waiting queue of people who were waiting to buy an iPhone 6. With this no one can deny the fact that iOS is one of the most in demand operating system.  It seems that Apple has all over again captured the hearts of the user again with iOS 9 which was launched a month ago.

This can be seen from the overwhelming response of the users, as they have made iOS9 as the fastest adopted operating system ever. Just after a few days of launch, the operating system was installed by more than half of the Apple handheld device users.