Building Web Site for Small Business


As a small business owner, you may not need a web site. But having a web site may help your business continue to grow. Suddenly you started thinking you haven’t enough fund to open a web site.

Unfortunately, too many small business owners like you find themselves in the same situation. However, by reading ahead and following a few steps, you can start building web site.

1. LightCMS

LightCMS offers everything your website needs, including blogs, calendars, forms, photo galleries, file management, media, and much more — there’s even an entire online store solution built right in — all wrapped up in a beautiful package that’s a joy to use.


2. Shopify

Shopify provides you with an ecommerce website, an easy to use administration area, and secure hosting – everything you need to sell your products online.


3. Squarespace 

Squarespace is a hosted CMS and blogging platform that distinguishes itself by allowing more freedom in terms of customization of design. Users can choose from a number of templates provided by Squarespace and can edit color and style variants to control their site’s look. You can also create your own templates with full CSS control.


4. Webpop

Webpop is marketed towards designers who want to us it on client websites. It offers full HTML and CSS control, in-content editing, and basic SEO tools integrated.


5. Edicy

Edicy is a hosted CMS that markets itself more towards end users than designers. It includes features like photo galleries, forms, templates to choose from, in-content editing, analytics, and more. A limited free plan is available, or a paid plan is available for $9 per month that offers 5 GB of storage and unlimited users.