How to Turn Your Car into a Fashion Icon

The beauty of buying a new car is that you can style it any way you like. You have the option of choosing the colour, the upholstery, and anything you fancy from the list of optional extras, cost permitting of course. Unfortunately, new cars don’t come cheap, so if your budget won’t stretch to a brand new car, you will need to look at used cars in Ashton instead.

There is no shame in buying a used car. For one thing, a used car is cheaper and for another, someone else has already taken the biggest hit in terms of depreciation. Unfortunately, you are stuck with someone else’s choices in terms of colour and accessories, but don’t worry because there are lots of ways to customise a car and turn it into a fashion icon.

Custom Paint Job

If you hate the colour of your car, investigate custom paint jobs. There are companies out there who can paint your car any colour you want. This is how Katie Price ended up with a Barbie Pink Range Rover. Clearly hot pink isn’t everyone cup of tea, but if you want a cherry red car with flames licking the bonnet, it won’t be a problem. You could also go for a metallic paint job, or a hombre graduated paint effect, e.g., blue to purple by way of red. At least your car will be instantly recognisable in the car park.

Decorative Decals

Decorative decals are an instant way of customising a car and making it more fashionable. Anyone with a crystal fetish can stick Swarovski crystals all over their car, inside or outside. This is the ultimate bling makeover, and perfect for an Essex girl. Decorative decals for cars are available from online retailers, including large sites such as Amazon and eBay, so get creative and bling up your car.

Light Fantastic

Running lights are a fun way of customising a car. You won’t see the lights in the day, but at night you can enjoy the full effect. Coloured LED lights are a fun way of adding extra style to a car, but don’t go too overboard or your auto will end up looking like Blackpool Illuminations on wheels.

New Sound System

A new sound system is essential if you want a more stylish motor. For the very best, invest in Bose speakers. The sound quality of a Bose speaker is far superior to lesser models, so this is an investment worth making.

Body Kit

Full body kits look a bit OTT, but a few judicious additions will improve your car no end. Check out what’s available for your particular model or get creative with a few bits of fibreglass.


If you hate your boring brown upholstered seats, buy some sexy new seat covers in a more attractive fabric. Fake fur looks good, and so does leopard print fabric, but it all comes down to personal taste.

Don’t be afraid to personalise your car, but be aware that any major structural changes such as the addition of body kits could affect its value.

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