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Social Media Icons – 2012

IC Circle

This year would be the year of icons. There have been scores of icon created for social media. These collections of icons
would match everyone’s taste. You can use these fresh icons on your blog or website. The designs of the icons are
friendly and would suit your website and blog, this will allows the visitors of your website or blog to share their views and
content through their network.

You can also download these icons from various sites. You will be full of options to select any icon for use. These icons will help you out to create you brand – awareness. As social media is one of the important fields in today’s time, it is important that your product should be eye catching. All high profile companies and firms are taking full advantage of these creative icons. Here is some wonderful collection of social media icons of 2012.

Simple subtle – Red gunge icon has red background with white inscription of name or sign. Like twitter has red
background with white “t” embedded on it. These icons can be used on commercial and non – commercial level. This icon set has got 5 starts. It is one of the most downloaded icons.

Simple subtle

Blueprint social consists of 16 icons related to social networking sites. This exclusive icon style has made use of blueprint design. This version of blueprint social media icon includes Google, Facebook, twitter, Flickr, delicious, RSS, WorldPress, LinkedIn, Vimeo, Blogger and the list continues. These icons are absolutely free for commercial and personal use.

Blueprint social

Vector & PNG Google +1 icon, comes in 3 different sizes 128×128, 64×64, and 32×32. This too can be used for commercial and non-commercial purpose, you can download these icons for free but you are not allowed to make any changes or sell the icon.

Vector & PNG

Design deck comes in a set of 10 icons. These icons can be in PNG format and JPG format. Another set of 14 icons comes in egg shape. The Egg social icons are creative and very catchy; they look beautiful and are great for non-commercial use. The egg social icons include yahoo, twitter, Google +, digg, Facebook and many more. You can download these icons and make your blog more attractive.

Design deck

Next is Mini black, the set includes 12 icons. These icons are special designed for mobile interface and suits best for commercial sites. These icons are simple, sophisticated with five star rating. Some of the social networking sites included by mini black icons are Facebook, YouTube, twitter, Bing.

Mini black

IC Circle social media Icon has asset of twelve icons. These come is JPG, PNG and PSD format. This icon set comes in two styles, one with colored icons and other with grey shades. These icons can be used when you want to keep your site or blog simple. You can use both colored and grey icons. These icons include Forrst, Flickr, Share- this, rss, twitter, vimeo etc.

IC Circle

Slick but clean free social media icon, is available in 128 pixels. These perfect size icons come in a set of 12 icons. They can be used in commercial range and non- commercial ranges.

Slick but clean

Likewise, there are many more social media icon sets available, you can freely download these icons and can use according to your way. These are creative and will surely help you to attract attention of the viewers and increase your network.

Find Your Creativity

About the author: Claudia is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on luxury and technology. She recently read an article on iPhone accessories that attracted her attention. These days she is busy in writing an article on 3D Laptop.

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