5 Ways Real-Time Communication Can Benefit Your Customers’ Experiences

Shaping better customer experiences in our hyperconnected world requires customer-business relationships that can be successfully built on real-time communication. In other words, customers expect responses 24/7 on their preferred channel. These channels may be, for example, mobile apps, social media, the company’s website or virtual chat. Because customers want to communicate in ways that are…

Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends of 2016

The year 2016 is coming to an end and digital marketers are already assessing how current trends can propel their businesses into success to the next year. Some of the trends mentioned above are similar to the year before but they have had a significant upgrade this year. The rest are new and are making…

How to Get the Whole Company to Embrace Social Media

Even with helpful tools and websites for managing company social media presence like Instamacro.com for Instagram, there will likely still be a need for employee participation in social media campaigns. While the use of social media as a marketing platform is more widely accepted today, some employees might not be too interested in participating in Instagram marketing or Facebook promotions. How exactly can one change this?

Great Ideas for Teen Start-Ups

It’s a tough old world out there right now and it’s hard for families, even dual-income families, to provide spending money for their children. Teenagers find it hard to get jobs to help them through college and this lack of employment has an impact on their CVs during and after education. The lack of work experience – even if it’s just a Saturday spent bagging groceries – is a disadvantage, as kids don’t gather the life skills they’ll need when they enter the adult workplace.

Tips to Optimize Your Website for SEO & Social Media

Without search engine traffic, most sites would be invisible. According to Search Engine Land, nearly two-thirds of all web page traffic comes from search engines. In fact, the top result for most search engine queries gets about a third of all clicks. To get readers’ eyes on your website, your content needs quality on-site SEO. Here are some tips for optimizing your content while still keeping it useful and engaging for readers.