Hire the Right Professional Portrait Photographer

Professional portrait photography has become very common these days. Whether you are going for a modeling audition or wish to be an actor, you need to have your personal portfolio of pictures. Professional photographers are trained enough to bring out your genuine smile on camera under the best lighting and location. Yes, they take care of that stray hair blowing across your face even.

5 Tips for Mastering Outdoor Photography

While it is relatively easy to go outside and just “point and shoot,” there are better ways to take pictures in the great outdoors. Snapping photos in the outdoors rather than indoors brings a whole new list of considerations to deal with. From the weight of your pack to the eventual downpour, there are certain preparations you can take before setting out on your journey that will make the experience that much better. The following tips will help you capture that perfect shot.

A Snapshot History of Photography

The Camera Obscura, which evolved through the 13th and 14th centuries was a simple way to capture an image and display it on a surface. Artists would then draw over that image to create a picture on parchment or canvas — the basis of modern day photography. Throughout the years, scientists and inventors have looked for ways to capture images permanently and store them safely on a variety of media.