Boost Your Work Efficiency in Green Office

Imagine working in a small dark office where you only have room for a medium-sized desk and a half-broken chair that does not support your back. Imagine a minimal outside view because the windows are too small, a stale odor and mold on the walls. This definitely is not the type of office you want to work in, but if wish to perform the best you can at the job you do, you have to have an office that will suit you and allow you to experience all the benefits of a productive space. In short, you need a green office.

4 Steps Towards a More Creative Office Space

Looking to transform your office into a space that captivates both clients and employees? Prior to bringing an interior designer on board and ordering massive amounts of furniture, take a step back to carefully consider your plans. Is there a chance the new office design may actually hinder productivity?

Orange Free Icon Set

Our first free icons set, called “Orange Icon Set”, is ready for download. It is a part of our “Simple Office Set”.
This set is created to easily use in projects like database applications, websites, templates and other type of applications, providing them simple light look.