A look into some of the more interesting business card designs

It’s possible to make your business cards really stand out by investing in quality design and printing; laser cut cards can be combined with unusual materials, as well as inventive typography and designs to create cards that potential clients are bound to remember. What, though, are some of the more distinctive business card designs that have emerged in the past few years, from comb cards to Polaroid pictures?


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Blood, Sweat and Tears Cards

One designer had the idea of making translucent cards with red liquid inside to symbolise her literally pouring her blood, sweat and tears into design work – we can hope that the contents didn’t actually from her veins, though.

Comb Cards

Ideal for hairdressers and stylists, business cards made from cardboard or plastic that are shaped like combs can still cover all the information you need on a card, while being a useful item that will continue to remind users of a brand.

Pop Up Cards

Why not fun with card design by using pop up paper cards – you begin with a normal, flat card, which can then be flipped up – faces and cut outs of people can be the best way to make a personal impact with these kinds of cards.

Envelope Cards

These cards involve placing your standard business card inside a matching envelope – you open it up to take out, and hopefully replace it back into the same card – a good idea for delivery services.

Camera Cards

Unfortunately not actually representing tiny cameras, these cards involve making one part of a card transparent and including a lens design, so that people can hold the card up and look through it like a normal camera.

Unusual Materials

Swap out paper and card for some more unusual materials to make a stronger first impression; plastic, thin cut wood, and metal can make you more likely to be noticed, and while more expensive, will demonstrate an investment in quality.

Google Search Cards

One way to make your company or personal brand stand out is to create a card based around a Google search bar and results screen with your name on it; instantly recognisable, this style of card design can be used to pre-empt someone having to run a search on your name.


Round cards with embossed details can be a great way of marketing your business if you work in a casino, and can be decorated with vintage details and other designs.

Drivers Licenses

Mock licenses can be produced that use your photograph on a vintage or more up to date background; the emphasis should be on highlighting key information about yourself and your business, while still making people take notice to the unusual design on show.


Another useful idea for photographers and artists, business cards that are shaped like Polaroids, and that have a single photograph with details on the reverse of a card, can make a strong impression on people.

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