Different Subjects On Photography And Emphasis On Nature Photography


It’s good to have a hobby. Hobbies arise from passion; they test your mind and creativity to the extreme. Photography is one such craft; it commands all our faculties and we do it with pleasure!

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Photographers see the world in their own way and capture not only images but their essence as well. The camera is like an extension to their body. If you want to expand your gallery with brand-new and crazy subject ideas, read on!


  • There is no need to go searching for the rare and unique. Just look around, you will find beauty everywhere. Take doors and windows, shadows and silhouettes; you pass them by every day, be a little creative and you can click great pictures of these simple themes.

  • Sunlight (or moonlight) on water is breathtaking. Never miss out on a chance to shoot these.

  • Experiment on capturing shadows in different kind of lights, you will have to expand your vision to the fullest.

  • Nature photography never gets old. It’s an umbrella for so many subjects- landscape, flora and fauna, seasons, the horizon- it goes on. How pretty the close-up of even a simple flower looks. A tree in autumn against the setting sun is such a delight to see and a challenge to click! Beaches, mountains, and fields- they all but beckon to be captured. Every second brings new possibilities. One moment birds are sitting on a branch, the next they scoot down to touch the gleaming water surface and in the next, go soaring up! Every second makes for the perfect subject.

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