Equipment for HDR Photography

The abbreviation “HDR” stands for high dynamic range photography, which consists of a structural form of methods, necessary for imaging and photography. With this kind of photography, you can utilize the greater dynamic range between the darkest and best lighted areas of an image.

The best utility of HDR photography lies in capturing the intensity levels of a scene, beginning from direct sunlight to twinkling star-light. The wonder is the same object can be exposed through a plurality of exposed pictures. For your easy understanding, HDR photography is a set of methods, which gives you higher dynamic range from an imaging process. A camera without HDR technology can only take pictures at a single exposure level with a restricted contrast range.

Let’s see what are the equipment needed for HDR photography.

I. The first equipment is your camera

HDR photography does not need any specific camera. It is the way of processing the photos that give you a wider and deeper range of colors. Suppose, there is a building and while you take a photograph by your camera, the lens can simply have a picture of the building with one color. Just imagine in that picture the building will retain its natural bright color, while the sky in the background looks silhouetted when you take the first shot. Then you take a second shot of the building by your camera and in this new image, the building might look darker and the sky brighter than the first image. With the help of HDR photography, you can combine both the images and get a perfect one with parts of images taken from both the shots by your camera.

II. The next equipment is a computer and Photoshop software

After you get the click images with the help your camera, you can utilize HDR technology for combining the images. For that purpose, you need computer and Photoshop software. You can easily layer one image over another and observe the parts that need to be combined to create a perfect picture. For instance, the first and second shot of the building you have taken by your camera can be combined to create a new image that gives the best view to the building. Your objective is to create a new photo, where the building would look natural and beautiful. There is a feature in Photoshop software called Lasso tool, which you can make use to select a particular part of the image and add or remove it to give a natural look to the picture. For creating a perfect view of an object through photography, you need to spend more and more time with your computer and Photoshop software after you get the images of the object downloaded to the computer from your camera. This shortly describes what HDR technology is. You can then leave the photo in the light room and edit it a little more.

III. HDR- wonderful technology

To be adept in HDR technology, you need to spend more and more time with the photos- combining them and creating the best photo with the help of this technology. This needs practice with a sense of aesthetics in photography and you can produce amazing photography by making use of HDR.
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